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Outreach is at the heart of everything we do.

'The Cumbria Opera Group's Education Workshops are an exciting and accessible insight into the world of opera, and can be a life-changing experience for the many lucky students who can participate free of charge'
Cumbrian Teacher, 2021

Going hand-in-hand with our performance work, our ongoing education programme is designed to engage and inspire the next generation. We have a track record of providing free education workshops to schools, youth centres, and music clubs across Cumbria, which have gained praise for their accessibility and ability to inspire.

Our education workshops focus on singing and theatrical performance in the context of classical music, as well as opera's role in the development of European culture. Elements of language-learning (especially German and Italian) are also included, and participants learn the importance of teamwork in the arts. The workshops often culminate in a student-led mini production, giving participants first-hand experience of directing and performing.

If a workshop with the Cumbria Opera Group sounds like a great choice for your organisation, contact us here and a detailed brochure can be sent to your school or youth music centre.

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